IT Assessment Services

Regular Health Checkups are Important – Yes, For Your IT Too!

Most of the times Information Technology once implemented is taken for granted! Unless, you get hiccups in performance and productivity of your associates. Thus, instead of waiting up for issues to show up, we recommend you to get your Technology Assessment done at regular intervals.

Technology assessment lets you to

Why Should You Choose Us

Escapte Tech provide you with a dedicated and committed IT consultant who will thoroughly review your IT,
along with the core business functions and future objectives for your business. Our approach is to deploy industry-specific tools to identify the core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Escape Tech IT Assessment Services

As we keep saying, data is the new oil, we critically review how safe is your data based on the following –

  • Ways and processes of collecting personal data
  • Duration of storage of the personal data
  • Policies and procedures to manage the personal data
  • Understanding and assigning the ownership of data
  • Action in case of lost or stolen incident of hardware
  • Security of the organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Safeguarding public facing platforms
  • Privacy and data protection guidelines

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Classifying data is as important as protecting it! A well-organized data will increase the accessibility and usability of it. Also, it should meet legal and compliance policies. We will enable you with the following processes–

  • Regularizing the inventory of hardware and software assets
  • Mapping and knowing network topology
  • Knowing Business processes and data flow maps well
  • Mapping technologies used
  • Incorporating strategic business objectives

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Your Storage Area Network plays an important role in minimizing your risks and avoiding the downtime of your business operations. We help you to checkup the efficacy of your SAN by reviewing the below points.

  • Assess current fabric design, growth potential, and risk/gap areas
  • Analyze the performance, reliability, manageability, and scalability
  • Evaluate the data management practices and usage behavior
  • Recommendations for improving operation processes and best practices

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For any successful Virtualization deployment, the most important step is to identify and assess the infrastructure that is to be virtualized. Our team of expert can help you by –

  • Conducting in-depth interviews with application owners
  • Prioritizing the virtualization candidate list
  • Analyzing the Infrastructure required for the Virtual environment
  • Propose the virtual infrastructure with the requisite amount of physical infrastructure required for the same

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Virtualization has helped you to save the space on premise/cloud. But, are you optimally utilizing the available space for your business applications? We enable you to organize and optimize your virtual environment. We check for the following –

  • If the configuration of the current infrastructure is optimal
  • Utilization of current virtual infrastructure
  • Recommendations for utilizing the technology optimally

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