Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having no disaster plan for an organization is the biggest disaster ever!

We understand how important it is for a company to safeguard and backup their resources and sensitive data from unprecedented situations. Hence, there is a dire need to have a strategy that encompasses every aspect of threats and disasters to recover the data as well as keep your IT operations running.

Also, only recovering your data is of no use! The data recovered should be organized and be ready to use at any given instance. Thus, Backup data management is as important as Recovery. For this, Escape Tech offers Enterprise Backup Management Plan and Enterprise Backup Management Solutions.

We enable you with


Make space for your business growth!

Migrating your company’s crucial data becomes important as your business grows and operations evolve. Any successful business knows the significance of efficiently storing, protecting, and maintaining access to data. Whether you are upgrading your server, relocating your data offsite, or going through database maintenance, successful data migration is done speedily and effectively.

With Escape Tech, be assured that your data migration is efficient and successful. We offer reliable and expert data migration services for enterprise businesses. When your organization grows and your data storage needs change, we will help you efficiently and securely migrate your important data.

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Enable the seamless collaboration for optimum productivity!

The future is here, and you need to scale up to it by providing the agility and flexibility your organization’s associates demand. Boost the level of comfort for employees that will increase their productivity in a conducive and favorable office environment.

We enable you to embrace technologies, including employee’s personal devices and hardware, to enhance workforce mobility and enable ideas to be communicated anytime from anywhere, without slowing down your network, sacrificing security or increasing IT overhead.

Escape Tech mobility solutions enables you with


Keep check on the vulnerabilities and keep away from threats!

With network security experiencing its most critical moments, having confidence in information security services is vital. Businesses are a perfect hub for the hackers and viruses, hence, the IT infrastructure put into place must be secure to protect data. And, with cloud-based privacy, data integrity and business security have to be maintained more than ever.

Escape Tech is a trusted IT security provider, offering comprehensive network security services that keeps information safe from unauthorized access. We take an aggressive approach to know every aspect of your IT systems and make sure that we have end-to-end covered your security points and safeguard your network against any possible attack. With this process in place, ensuring your data is protected at every turn.

Our security roadmap offers


Manage your documents securely and efficiently!

Data is definitely a new age oil, which has to be managed efficiently. A well-organized data lets organizations to access, process and share it hassle-freely. Thus, managing huge data chunks has to be thoroughly planned, implemented and maintained as well.

Escape Tech ensures that we strategize and implement data storage that can be easily accessed, processed and shared. The innovative policies and governance we deploy for your business network enhances the overall performance and productivity of the organization. We customize your data storage completely to your business demands, because we understand every business is different!

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Optimize the space your IT occupies, and achieve more in less space!

By virtualizing your in-house IT infrastructure, you’ll be able to run more applications by slicing physical infrastructure. Virtualization techniques can be applied to many areas of your IT services, including Servers, Applications, Storage, Networks, Endpoints, etc.

With Escape Tech Virtualization Solutions& Services, we enable you to manage your IT capacities to enhance your service levels and streamline your technology processes for optimum business benefits.

Our dynamic virtualization solutions can help you to achieve